Cannabis 101

New to the world of medical cannabis? A quick tour of the terminology and science behind these amazing plants can help you better understand your options for care.

Cannabis Flower


These two compounds are the key to cannabis’ healing powers, but what’s the difference?


CBD provides benefits without the buzz. Products high in this non-intoxicating cannabinoid offer medical benefits that include reducing anxiety, preventing seizures and relieving pain.


THC binds with receptors in the brain’s reward center, producing the euphoria that we associate with a cannabis high. THC can help relieve pain, improve mood, and increase appetite.


The two types of cannabis plants not only look different, but can provide different benefits.

Sativa Cannabis Leaf


Sativa plants grow taller and straighter than their indica cousins. With higher THC levels, sativa products elevate mood and boost creativity, making them an ideal choice to treat anxiety and chronic pain without drowsiness.

Indica Cannabis Leaf


A bushier plant with wider leaves, Indica plants produce thick buds prized for their calming and relaxing effects. Indica strains are a great choice for nighttime use, helping to combat insomnia, relax sore muscles, and increase appetite.

Hybrid Cannabis Leaf


Crossbreeding different strains produces unique cannabis hybrids that can offer unique treatment options. Hybrid blends provide the benefits of both Indica and Sativa strains while reducing side effects like sleepiness or paranoia.

Medical Uses

Research is showing that cannabis can be effective in treating several medical conditions… without the side effects or addiction risk found in other prescription medication.

Medical Uses

Pain Relief

Patients with chronic pain have found relief from a number of cannabis products without the side effects of other prescription medications. CBD products are available in both ingestible and topical forms. Indica strains work well with nighttime pain, while Sativa blends can provide long-lasting daytime relief.

Medical Uses


Sleep is a foundation of good health, but too many miss out on a full night of restful, quality sleep. An Indica or an Indica hybrid not only makes you sleepy, it can provide relief from those symptoms like stress and pain that interfere with sleep.

Medical Uses

Stress & Anxiety

Many cannabis users report significant reductions in stress and anxiety. CBD products can be part of an overall treatment program while Indica dominant strains can provide temporary relief and relaxation.

Medical Uses

Nausea & Appetite

For those who struggle with chronic nausea or lack of appetite, a case of "the munchies" can be a blessing. Patients suffering with Crohn’s disease or undergoing chemotherapy treatments can benefit from cannabis products and edibles.

Medical Uses

Tremors & Convulsions

Studies have shown that CBD products can have a dramatic impact on reducing the tremors and convulsions caused by diseases like ALS and Parkinson’s disease.

Product Types

Sure, you can still roll a joint or pack a bowl, but there have never been so many options for enjoying cannabis.

Product Type


Flower is the cannabis we’re all used to. Roll it into a joint, pack it into a bowl, or use with a vaporizer. For those who enjoy unique flavor profiles, flower products can be the best choice to experience the taste and aroma of different strains.

Preroll and flower
Product Type


Distillates offer a simple, portable solution for using cannabis. Used in vape pens, cartridges contain a highly concentrated version of your favorite strains. Distillate cartridges contain a highly refined oil of almost pure cannabinoids while refined CO2 cartridges offer more of a strain’s unique taste.

Cannabis Distillate
Product Type


Most often used for dabbing, cannabis concentrates contain a high amount of THC that can provide quick and long-lasting relief. Available in products like shatter, wax and live resin, concentrate products have been growing more popular.

Cannabis Shatter
Product Type


Edibles offer a way to enjoy cannabis without the smoke. Available both in finished products like cookies or candy and in raw forms like honey or sugar, edibles provide long-lasting relief that can also increase appetite and ease nausea.

Cannabis Edible Cookie

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